Microsoft Dyanmics CRM Interview Questions and Answers

An expertise in Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interview Questions and Answers is one amongst the hottest skills to have in the industry. Innumerable opportunities are waiting for you if you have a skill in this platform and an ability to answer MS CRM Functional Interview Questions if thrown at you. In our experience, we have noticed that the MS CRM Interview Questions and Answers are repetitive, and we will be listing them below.

Having a conceptual clarity on MS CRM and knowing the right way to frame your answer, demonstrate your skills can help you impress your employer and come out of your interview with a job letter in your hand. Go through all the questions listed below to give yourself a better chance of having a successful interview.

MS CRM Interview Questions and Answers

1. What is the role of Plug-in in MS CRM?

The plug-in allows the integration of MS Dynamics CRM with the cloud. It is custom in nature and can
alter the changes in accordance with the user.

2. Define Workflow.

Workflow is defined as the automation of processes in business from client to the other that follow a set
of rules.

3. When is a Dynamic Entity used?

Dynamic Entity is used to create a custom entity with the help of SDK.

4. How long have you worked on CRM? (or) Do you have any work experience on CRM?

This is very commonly asked when it comes to Dynamics CRM 365 Interview Questions. Make sure to be confident with your answers while answering such questions. Be honest and don’t go over the board telling about your work. Explain how you used MS CRM at work to benefit your organization.

5. Name the different types of CRM.

  • Operational CRM
  • Analytical CRM
  • Collaborative CRM

6. Name a few other CRM services apart from MS CRM.

Do not go into the interview expecting only Dynamics CRM Interview Questions and Answers for Testing. Be ready for some questions which may not be regarding MS CRM but other similar services. These are some of the other CRM platforms:

  • Sugar CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Sage ACT

7. Is it beneficial to connect MS CRM with social media websites?

Yes. It can improve customer interaction with the organization.

8. What is the function of a System Administrator?

System Administrator provides full access to the files that are protected in MS CRM. More than one user can have a System Administrator profile.

9. What is a managed solution?

A complete package that can be distributed to others to install in their systems.

10. Can you tell the difference between Delete and Remove option in MS CRM?

When we delete a module, CRM completely gets rid of it from its system. Whereas we use the remove option on a component, it is only removed from the solution.

11. When is the data in CRM not saved offline?

The secured field values of which we do not have any access to, do not save itself when synchronizing offline.

12. Explain the ‘Insufficient Permission’ error.

An insufficient permission error is a message that we get on creating a record when a user makes an object using security fields.

13. Is there any character limit for custom components Pre-fix?

Yes. The limit is between 2-8.

14. Name different kinds of Relationship behavior?

  • Parental
  • Configurable Cascading
  • Referential
  • Referential, Restrict Delete

15. Can you tell the maximum number of tabs allowed on MS Dynamics CRM?

A maximum of 8 tabs allowed on MS CRM simultaneously.

16. Name the different types of solutions in CRM?

Managed and unmanaged.

17. How is CRM helpful in sales?

CRM can help the sales team immensely with customer management. It also plays a hand in lead generation. CRM can centralize the customer data which can be beneficial for different departments of an organization, including sales.

18. What features do you find to be the most useful in MS Dynamics CRM 365?

While going through a series of Dynamics CRM Interview Questions and Answers in the technical rounds of hiring, interviewers might ask you such questions to assess your interests and inclinations. The answer to such questions depends on your views.

But you must know that the employers like to understand how you can bring something unique to the organization. If you can’t think of a good answer, then you may mention the variety of customizations that the CRM offers and how it helps you to work efficiently.


This article concludes our compilation of frequently asked Microsoft Dynamics CRM Interview Questions and Answers. We suggest you lay particular emphasis Dynamics AX 365 Interview Questions as candidates are often guilty of not knowing about it.

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