Complete Guide on AWS Solution Architect Certification Exam

AWS Solution Architects are professionals who design, and architect distributed application systems. This article is intended for individuals preparing for its certification exam. We recommend individuals to pass the exam through hands-on practice and experience rather than looking for AWS dumps. Employers turn down your opportunities of being recruited if you are found to be passing using dumps as you cannot demonstrate or architect solutions for customers without enough practice. Read further as we present you a guide below on successfully cracking down AWS Solution Architect training certification exam.

AWS Solution Architect certification exam:
This exam is intended for individuals who can architect and deploy applications using AWS Technologies which are robust and secure. You will be performing a Solution Architect role along with designing and deploying solutions for customers. Before you embark a journey into Solution Architect role, it is necessary to know the basics of cloud computing and essentials of AWS.
Below is the information for individuals trying to gather exam details. If you already know about it and are looking for guidance and suggestions, skip forward to the end of exam pattern.

Essentials of AWS:

  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Knowledge on using AWS Management Console and services being offered
  • Knowledge and understanding on services such as Amazon EC2 (Elastic Cloud Compute), Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Store), Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), and Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service).
  • Key concepts of AWS Identity & Access Management (IAM), security measures
  • Using Amazon RDS (Relational Database Service) and DynamoDB to implement AWS Database services effectively
  • Understand AWS management tools, such as Auto Scaling and Elastic Load Balancing (ELB) to deploy highly scalable and available applications

Recommended AWS Knowledge for Solution Architect:

  • Essentials of AWS
  • At least one-year hands-on experience for designing and implementing highly available and scalable fault-tolerant distributed systems. Developing Cost-efficient systems is the motive
  • Hands-on experience using AWS deployment and management services, various services such as compute, networking, storage and databases
  • Ability to identify and define technical requirements for an application, which meets the needs of AWS services
  • Understanding of fundamental architectural principles, best practices for building secure and reliable applications on AWS platform
  • Knowledge of networking technologies, security methods, and protocols to follow when deploying AWS services

Exam Pattern:
Currently, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate has two exam patterns, the newer version being released in February 2018. If you are a candidate, who is going to attempt in the upcoming months, stick to the old exam pattern. However, the new exam pattern focuses on new services made available on AWS, which organizations look forward to in your skill set. You can find the exam pattern details here.

Your Guide to Certification:
We will assume that you are a professional who has hands-on experience in developing and deploying scalable applications on AWS. If you are not, it is time you start enhancing your skills to achieve the goals listed below:

  • Use best practices and AWS– recommended architectural principles when designing solutions
  • Leverage use of AWS services to design and develop highly available and scalable infrastructures enabling flexibility and resiliency
  • Developing cost and performance efficient AWS infrastructures, making use of Well -Architected framework to improve existing applications

So, now that we know what the exam pattern and requirements are let us break down topics and concepts based on content domains. Once you are familiar with how to approach the exam or have a basic idea at least, it is time you try out practice questions made available by AWS.

Quick Links:

  • For those attempting exam before April 12, 2018 (Old Version) –
  1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide: Associate Exam 1st Edition
  2. Sample Questions for AWS Certified Solutions Architect—Associate (Old Version)
  • For those preparing for the newer version of exam (February 2018) –
  1. Exam Guide: AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate (Released February 2018) (SAA-C01)
  2. Sample Questions for AWS Solutions Architect – Associate (Released February 2018) (SAA-C01)

Additional Resources for Solutions Architect Certification Exam:

  • Studying White Papers– White Papers ensure excellent knowledge on AWS best practices and designing architectures for cloud solutions
  • Learning how to effectively deploy AWS Well-Architected framework for applications
  • Enrol for AWS Solutions Architect Certification Training course to get guidelines and suggestions for using best practices.

Tips for examination:
1. Don’t mark answers for review if you have guessed the answer. Eliminate wrong answers first before making a guess.
2. Read answer options first to understand what to focus on in the questions.
3. Focus on the subject of the question rather than thinking of use-cases.
4. Skip a question for review, if you do not have a clue about the problem. Save time by answering what you know first and then come back.
5. Understanding that every service can be tweaked for cost, quality, and performance. Just see how you want to do it versus how it can be efficiently done.
6. Don’t worry about the questions you have held under review. You might come across other problems, which help you clear the answer marked for review.
7. Get good rest before attempting the examination.

We wish you all the best for clearing the exam and becoming an AWS Certified Solution Architect – Associate. Bring a change to the world and organizations you work with and keep aiming for higher. We recommend considering AWS certification training as experts will guide with what we have written here and provide a better understanding of concepts as well. We hope our information is helpful to you.

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